Business Services

PrintCity offers a range of opportunities for businesses to engage with our facilities including research programmes, commercial services and student placements.

We work with companies, whether they be local SMEs or global multinational businesses, to bring even the most ambitious ideas to life. We also have strong links to the Greater Manchester Business Growth Company, enabling us to further support SMEs across the region.

When you work with PrintCity you will not only have access to our extensive range of 3D printing and additive manufacturing facilities, you will be working with a multidisciplinary team of experts with extensive experience in 3D printing, manufacturing, project management and more.

Within the University, we can draw upon the knowledge of colleagues with a range of specialisms, from engineering to textiles, to further enhance your work, and our MSc Digital Design and Manufacturing students have a variety of skills to help support projects.

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ShaRepair aims to support and help scale the citizen repair movement through the promotion of innovative technologies, such as computer aided design and 3D printing, for the production of spare …

PrintCity Network

Through our PrintCity Network programme, you’ll develop an understanding and knowledge of the latest additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies and processes. You’ll explore market trends and look at the opportunities …

Transforms CE

Single use plastic, such as packaging, drinks bottles, straws and utensils, contribute to the significant problem of plastic pollution in our environment. Not only does this negatively impact ecosystems, mar landscapes …

Commercial Services

You can quickly turn an idea into a reality by working with our design experts, who utilise the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D print technology. Using these technologies …