Case Studies

At PrintCity, we have a growing list of clients who we’ve worked with on some really interesting projects, ranging from small engineering parts to prototypes.

Our range of equipment and expertise attracts a variety of businesses, including SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) looking to prototype new products, large organisations such as museums who need ‘hands-on’ exhibits for people to interact with, and even individuals who’ve had a great idea and want advice on where to start.

In a wider context, we work with a range of experts from across the University, such as lawyers, designers, material scientists, testers, marketing specialists and more.

Most importantly, we are not a silo for engineers alone. PrintCity is unique in that we work with a wide variety of collaborators. This includes other engineers, but also artists, sculptors, product designers, medical and dental technologists, animators, architects, fashion designers, graphic and three-dimensional designers.

Please see below for some examples.

Commercial Case Study: Your Trust Museum Rochdale

Yourtrust are a museum based in Rochdale, Manchester. The company is home to artefacts from various time periods, from Ancient Egyptian to Victorian. Their collection is made up of donations …

Commercial Case Study: Conductr

Conductr are an entertainment start up company based in Trafford Manchester. They produce digital creations of games such as Shuffleboard and Darts, making them more interactive. The company currently outsources …

Exciting, fast-paced, hard graft: how one postgraduate student landed a career of the future 

“For me, going into work every morning is the best feeling because I don’t necessarily know what I’m going to make, create, or get out of the day.  But the …

PrintCity Student Testimonial – Natalija Siukstiene

“I was able to make a leather dress with a shape that I would never achieve without 3D printed pieces.”

PrintCity Student Testimonial – Max Jeffs

When and why did you engage with PrintCity? I first engaged with PrintCity during my degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. I had designed a sports product, which I wanted to …

PrintCity helps new tech startup, Xpllore, prototype new casing for its VR device

“We can’t believe that our prototype is now built and in our hands. It’s incredible that we can design and 3D print something so quickly and the response so far has been overwhelming.”

PrintCity helps engineering manufacturer produce more flexible prototypes

“It was good to work with PrintCity on this project as there was a need for speed of turnaround, technical support and production flexibility.”

PrintCity Student Elen Parry creates HeX earbuds – socially inclusive hearing aids

“PrintCity has opened many doors for me. The equipment, extensive stock of materials and, most importantly, the PrintCity team and our collective mindset for innovation makes the perfect environment for me to design, create and realise concepts.”